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USA Mediate (a division of Pinnacle Pro, Ltd.) was formed in late 1997 in response to the growing need for alternative dispute resolution ("ADR") services. There is no question that lawsuits are always expensive, but not always fair in their outcome. In the traditional adversarial approach, parties and their counsel are typically geared more to battle than settlement/resolution and ofttimes the cost of the battle exceeds the original amount of the controversy or obviates the real concerns and interests of the participants. Those cases also typically take far more time to conclude than necessary, whether due to the Court's backlog, a party's delay, or other delays inherent in the system. As a result, many matters which could have either been settled, or summarily resolved, become attorney-fee driven, or cause the accrual of additional damages, and go to trial for the wrong reasons.

The Arbitration & Mediation Center of Arizona was established to provide a less costly and more timely alternative to the traditional adversarial approach.

Our experienced mediators and arbitrators are comprised of both legal and industry professionals who are custom selected on a case-by-case basis in order to ensure that all matters are handled by individuals having a familiarity not only with the legal issues involved, but they are also equipped with the substantive expertise to assist in developing creative and prompt resolutions to complex disputes.

Types of Disputes

The following types of disputes are representative, though not exhaustive, of matters handled by our mediators and arbitrators:




Complex Commercial Matters

Real Estate

Property Owners Associations



Family Matters

Equine Law Matters

Personal Injury

Arbitration & Mediation Center of Arizona
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