Advantages of Mediation and Arbitration

Unlike the court system, the mediation and/or arbitration of disputes can be conducted and concluded very quickly, sometimes within hours after the dispute arises.

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In a mediation, the decision-making power shifts from the lawyers, judges and juries to the parties themselves. The parties retain control over their own destiny.
Due to the streamlined approaches used by our mediators and arbitrators, and the quickness with which matters can be concluded, the cost of mediating and/or arbitrating a dispute is typically a small fraction of the cost of a traditional lawsuit.
The risks and fears associated with an unknown outcome are non-existent in a mediation. The parties are able to have their "day-in-court" without bearing the risk associated with an unknown third party making a decision based upon only a small amount of information.
In both a mediation and an arbitration, the parties have the ability to address many factors and issues which could never be addressed in a typical court setting.
In a mediation, the involvement of a neutral third party, with substantive expertise to facilitate a resolution and, if appropriate, to evaluate the merit of the dispute, is a valuable resource.
Unlike a public court proceeding, mediations and arbitrations are conducted in a confidential environment. And, in mediation, the mediator is bound by both statutory and ethical considerations to maintain absolute confidentiality.